Tonbe - Jacking Heat

Super funky Serbian disco dude, Tonbe, has been on a roll with steady digital releases from his Fruity Flavor label since its founding last summer. He celebrated his first full length, 'Detective's Story' back in December and this summer came with a nice 10 track compilation, 'Forgotten Tunes'. A true tour de force of spaced out disco and odes to the 90s house sound; Jacking Heat is pretty hard layered with a syncopation that has potential to make ya a bit mouthy, cushioned with big soft (dizzying) synth pads underneath. A slightly agitated tone in the vocal that's quite the treat and sure to connect you with dancers no matter what point in the night you play it. Tonbe rewards us with some horns on the back end and crisp finish after the fade.

John Penn Browning