Guest Mix 09 Mannmademusic

Guest Mix 09 Mannmademusic

Hailing all the way from Sunderland, the UK’s own motor city capital (at least, if Nissan have their way). Iain Mann, aka MannMadeMusic, has a habit of blending soulful melodies inspired by big cities back over the water, with a modern, yet everso funky, production approach. He got started on the usual young DJ circuit in the early 2000s, playing anywhere in and around his hometown. Eventually, he picked up Ableton and started to edit songs himself, keeping them mostly for his own collection. His productions, usually sample based, range anywhere from mid tempo, sunny day jams to peak time dance floor stompers, with source material from disco to D’angelo. The past couple of years have seen a myriad of 12” releases and compilation contributions from Iain, but this year he’s hoping to deliver his first solo album. We were excited to chat and have him record a mix for us, listen to it in full below!

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Cosmic Incantations: Thanks for agreeing to chat with us Iain. I’d like to ask you about Sunderland, have you always lived there?

MannMadeMusic: Grew up in a little town down the road from Sunderland. But pretty much yeah.

CI: I know that the Newcastle-Sunderland area isn’t the smallest, but it still seems like it’s a couple hours drive to most bigger cities, did you grow up somewhat isolated? Or did you travel around very much when you were younger?

MMM: Well Apart from a couple of years in Sheffield* when I was young . I’ve grown up in the north the majority of my life. You’re not really isolated we have cities, coastlines and with a 20 minute drive or so you can be in the countryside so basically we have the best of everything. 

CI: How did you get you first get introduced to dance music?

MMM: Always listened to all sorts styles of music. Maybe listening to New Order growing up in my school days

CI: You’ve been releasing music since the early 2010’s, and DJing for even longer, what convinced you to give a crack at music production?

MMM: It's just something I fell into really. Messing about on Ableton making edits for DJing and went on from there. I’ve never really sent demos out. The majority, if not all the releases I’ve had have been from labels contacting me. So it was never something I looked to get into.

CI: How did you link up with Thatmanmonkz and his Shadeleaf Music label?

MMM: Scott had been in touch as he had an opening in his release schedule at the time  as I think he was starting his delusions of grandeur release. And i was lucky enough to have a couple of releases on there. He’s a top man, def one of the good guys in the scene.

CI: Tell us a little bit about the inspiration, track selections, or any ideas you had behind the mix you did for us.

MMM: Just hit record and see where we go  .


CI: Any upcoming release details you’re willing to spill? I know that you’ve been working on an album for awhile now, is that still in the release pipeline?

MMM: Yeah, not really any details I can give out on that yet. It's still ongoing and I’m working with some great people with regards to keys,vocals and stuff .more details in the coming months hopefully. As for other releases I’ve been knocking stuff back for the best part of a year now to concentrate on the album. 


Mannmademusic ?????
Norm De  Plume -  Nouvelle Cuisine (Original Mix)
Chicago Damn - The Truth
Layfar - He Right One (Lay-Far Dub Tweak)
PBR Streetgang - Late Night Party Line (Man Power Remix)
Giovanni Damico - Look At You    
GE-OLOGY - Re-Fingered With Love    
Omar S - Mioss U
Things From The Basement - Liquid Horizom    
LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY - Can't Let You Go (Louie Vega & Josh Milan Truth dub 1)
Chaos In The CBD - Global Erosion (feat Isaac Aesili)    
Glenn Underground - Negro Muzic    
Duke Hugh - Your Number
Axel Boman - Nattsudd
Pablo Valentino - One
Dan Shake - Wake bake and shake
Nadirah Shakoor - Just a breath away ( hi perspective remix )


* = Sheffield is still the North, as you move through areas of the UK, they all claim anyone in areas below them is from 'The South'.