Guest Mix 03 JP Source

Guest Mix 03 JP Source

It's truly hard to explain the exciting yet slightly unsure rush you get embarking upon the winding stairs into the damp and earthy musk of JP Source's Disco Dungeon. We are reassured though, that this steady syncopation is good for the soul as wood winds and stirring delay climb higher. Before too long the funky bass and hot trembling licks begin the braising of this thick hunk of perfectly seasoned disco meat. JP keeps an eye on the oven for us nonetheless so our feet don't get too distracted on the serious party that's underway. 

Wait, someone called the cops! Babylon can't keep us down though even if it was a warning siren.

The treats keep on into the second half with wiggly wonders like Powerdance's "Muscle Groove" and the fantastic, kind of dubbed edit of Musique's "Keep on Jumpin'" from Mr. Source. Before we're escorted back up the steps out of the dank quarters and into the light there's a sweet kiss of the cheek and slap on the butt with some jazzy keys and a little Wings for proper measure. You'll want this in your body.

John Penn Browning

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