Sleazy McQueen Interview + Mix

Sleazy McQueen Interview + Mix

Laurin Fedora, also known as Sleazy McQueen, has been a pivotal force in modern disco music. Through his extensive production catalog, dating back 13+ years, to the three record labels he has since created, it’s nothing short of inspiring for any fans of classic dance music. Cosmic Incantations was lucky enough to get a few words in with the mastermind himself, ahead of this DJ performance at Decca, Louisville, Friday, June 30th.

CI: As someone who was a part of the late 90s DC rave scene, what can you say about the experiences you had during that time? Were you interested in DJing at all before then?

SMQ: If you have options every single weekend, you're living in "the good times." I have nostalgia for then, but NOW is pretty damn awesome. I didn't know how good it was, there were headliners every night of the weekend and dope locals most weeknights. I'm still friends with a few of the same crew, they are running the DC house scene now. 

CI: You started DJing not too long after this time, what was your first setup like? Have you always had a passion for DJing with vinyl or do you just hate your spine?

SMQ: I don't think digital was an option when I started. If it was, I didn't really know anything about it. I've always loved the feel of records. When I'm playing (and drinking), there's nothing more elating than frantically looking through my record bag and finding the PERFECT record to play next. It beats scrolling through a screen looking for a file any day. And, yes, I have back problems J.

CI: Creating and building a record label seems like a daunting task, let alone three. What happened in your career that made you seriously consider releasing music yourself? Or was it an idea you had toyed with for a while?

SMQ: I was making a ton of music leading up to the start of Whiskey Disco. I had been doing a party by the same name for about 2 years, when a friend offered to give me a P&D [1], it seemed like a good fit. Along the way, I had some learning experiences, it's good to take it on the chin every once in a while, it's a humbling reminder that I'm just making subjective decisions and hoping someone will want to pay money for my (questionable) taste. 

CI: With your latest release on Whiskey Disco (featuring Obas Nenor as well) being appropriately titled ‘Disco Dad’, how has the little one changed your outlook on music production and/or the performance aspect?

SMQ: I have less time for production, that's ok though, it means everything has to count. I don't like to tour as much because I miss the ladies, we have a lot of facetime when I'm on the road.

CI: I know we practically just got the amazing Yawumna EP from Rabo & Snob, but do you have any hints you're willing to share about upcoming releases?

SMQ: Yikes, I really wish I had a devious strategy to take on the world. I'm currently putting together a few different EPs for Lovedancing and Whiskey Disco. Expect more of the same, worldwide influence from a bevy of folks.

CI: Since we're near the heart of Bourbon country, I've got to ask, what’s your favorite whiskey cocktail?

SMQ: I like to mix my whiskey disco with ice. My wife likes to mix her old fashioned with bacon. We're simple folk ;) .

CI: Lastly, we've got Whiskey Disco of course, but what are some other good beverage music combinations?

SMQ: What else do you need?! This is literally the best of both worlds!

Don’t miss Sleazy McQueen’s performance at Decca in Nulu on Friday, June 30th, with support from resident DJs Aaron Chadwell and JP Source. You can also support Sleazy McQueen and the entirety of the Whiskey Disco all-stars through the links below:

[1] Pressing and distribution deal

Feature, Research, and Interview by Ben Alexander